By Weigh of Dead Leaves

from Poems of Sleep Paralysis

Sleep, or
Slumber. Gather whatever of the
Concept as ye will. Care
Of it lingers and each sober
Moment before the lights dim
Into explode memory bounds eclectic
Each second the mind wanes immigrant
Psychosis waxes sentimental smackstrokes of
Wane and wave. Wax and caterwaul
Each moment the smells creep closer
the crinkle of leaves and
the damp strands of hair and
the far off sound of ocean and birds calling through the crisp and
the place on the rail bridge she showed her you

The indomitable past revokes a bark
so brutal to your present
so pyrrhic to ephemeral fabrics you
Push all out of mind save the
One moment.
And you flap wild.