Column #008 – A Study in the Waft of Life

Being a member of the diaspora anywhere in the world affords one the ability to see things with different lenses. You see your past in nostalgic bursts of mean clarity. It shocks you. It excites you. You see your friends in yourself and wonder where you would be in their lives were you back to your origins. It is easy to develop any varietal manifestation of immigrant psychosis that can happen upon the human mind. The head reels. Spacial comprehension alters. The head reels and then reels in further. Smells. Music. Taste. A sound made by a young woman which reminds you of sitting on a train bridge in the mind that you repeatedly revisit in times of extended duress. A waft of dead leaves may in a similar fashion cause an unwarranted but ultimately welcomed revision of a moonlight romp through a fogcast field of deadened reeds and stalks of wasted grain splayed under trysts of lunar light twisted and caterwauling around your person same as the howl of cicadas embrangling the bones of night same as the sound of willows cracking shotgun blasts under weight of snow and ice same as the wails of coyote pups learning the oral history of life itself or the trumpet of groaning iron of Terra dead tired of dying under strain upon strain of strain. Wild sensations on a mundane night.


Every country is an experiment upon the draft of life. The lifedraft. Or should it be “lifedraught”? Both are good terms, to be sure.


People spilling through and out places. Flakes of snow pouring out of clouds dead set on melting back together upon contact with life anew with forest duffs. The war between doe and their environs, between life and its O horizons, a well of darkened humus once pine nettles and crumpled leaves. The steady gait of tree growth againing on the sky above. Gaping and grappling with the hues of Rayleigh scatter. A dog entwined in the tails of rock man an off. A bird gaited by the animal spirits of a rough-worn cage made of digital graffiti unleashed by algorithms unthought and unthinking. The mass slaughter of a noble insect by companies trying to improve the growth of plants the noble insect seeks to pollinate. Life spilling through and out.